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Our Programs

Each classroom uses The Creative Curriculum, based on the latest research on progressive approaches to learning, to prepare children for future success and provide each child with opportunities to learn and grow.

Our Infant program provides children from the ages of six weeks to 18 months the opportunity for stimulation, the development of fine and large motor skills, socialization, music and language skills. Each child receives individual care and lots of snuggling.

Young Toddlers
By providing hands-on activities, our Young Toddlers experience the world through exploration. Independence, social skills and verbal communication are our main goals for the Young Toddlers.
Older Toddlers & Young Preschoolers
Participating in skills such as art, music and potty training encourages independence, socialization and language acquisition. Cognitive skills are encouraged through letter, number and shape recognition.

We believe that children learn through play. Language arts, math, science, sensory art, reading readiness and outdoor play are all part of our Preschool program. The Creative Curriculum allows children to learn skills with hands-on activities through structured play.

Kindergarten Enrichment
Our Kindergarten Enrichment program builds on what the children are learning in school. We follow the guidelines for the school district that we service, and enrich what they are being taught in Kindergarten so that our teachers are able to provide opportunities for them to have a successful learning experience.

After School Enrichment
Our after-school program offers students, ages 5 through 12, the opportunity to experience a variety of educational and recreational activities as well as homework assistance. Our School Age program is also available for full days during public school closings due to holidays and teacher assessment days.

Summer Program
Because we provide a year-round childcare service, our summer program is a more relaxed, camp atmosphere. While older children experience field trips and swimming, our younger children may experience picnics, special visits from some of our community helpers, or a visit from The Columbus Zoo's Petting Zoo.


Today's Child

3715 E. Main St.

Whitehall, OH 43213

P: 614-235-0096

F: 614-235-0187


The Enrichment Center

4200 Kelnor Dr.

Grove City, OH 43123

P: 614-875-0514

F: 614-875-8514

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